Suburban Tool & Die began in a garage back in 1973.

It now occupies a large building on Pacific Avenue in Millcreek, with 30 employees making molds used to manufacture plastic parts used in a wide variety of products.

Co-Owner Jeff Rzepka said, "Our industry is medical. aerospace, consumer products, a little bit of automotive, aviation. We are extremely diverse here. It has been one of the keys to our success. We are not tied to any one style of mold or any one customer."

Now Suburban does not make the actual parts. 

Its employees make the metal molds needed to manufacture the parts. 

Some are small, some are very large. All precisely made by tool and die makers.

Rzepka said, "Without good, skilled employees you can't do this. It would be impossible to do it."

The company has been growing steadily over the years.

Rzepka sees not reason that will not continue.

He said, "As long as we as a society consumer things there is work in this business. The trick is how can you product it faster and more efficiently."