Presque Isle Wine Cellars has been making wine and providing supplies to home winemakers since the 1960's.

Its supply business remains the foundation of the company.

But wine sales keep growing.

Doug Moorehead opened the business, one of the state's first two commercial wineries in 1969.

 He is known as the father of the Pennsylvania wine industry.

He said, "I planted the first European grapes in the Lake Erie region back in 1958."

With his own grapes and grapes from other growers the winery was born and it has grown over the years.

Presque Isle now makes 30 varieties of wine, producing about 27,000 gallons a year.

Moorehead said, "The wines we put on the market we want them to be very good. Part of it is balancing for sugar and acidity and other components, and picking the grapes at the first time."

While the business is best known for making wine, the company actually makes more money selling wine making equipment, supplies and chemicals to home winemakers around the country.

Customer Service Specialist Debbie Lam said, "During the harvest season we could be shipping out 100 packages a day. They are going nationwide."