Circulatory Centers specializes in vein care with 16 offices in four states, including locations in Erie and Jamestown, New York.

The Erie office has treated about 40,000 patients in the past 20 years.

Ninety percent of patients with vein problems have a family history.

Robert Musson, M.D. said, "If your parents had this, if your brothers and sisters had this, there is a good chance that you will have it too."

But occupation is also an issue. Often people seeking help are on their feet a lot.

Dr. Musson said, "We see a lot of teachers, nurses, factory workers and retail workers. Those patients are also going to be at risk."

Employees are proud of the relief they provide, but they know most vein problems are chronic. So treatments are often long term.

Dr. Musson said, "We tell patients we can certainly get the symptoms under control. But there is a good chance they will see additional veins developing."

Treatments include schlerotherapy where a tiny needle is used to inject medicine into the veins causing the walls to collapse and the pain to subside.

Laser treatments are also used.

Nurse Practitioner Linda Andreessen says a lot of patients are not aware that treatment is available until they walk through the door.