Sometimes we all feel like we just need to punch something but did you know that boxing actually has been proven to reduce stress?

Well at Level Red Boxing they've turned a beloved sport into fun providing a unique work out they say has never been seen in the Erie area.

It seems like folks are already enjoying it.

We caught some pro's kicking some butt inside the 6 a.m. class.

It's called Boxing 60- it's 60 minutes of cardio, core and of course going to town on one of these bags.

You start with some cardio to get your heart rate moving, then it's time for a series of jabs, hooks and upper cuts.

After that you mix in a few ab moves and before you know it you're all done.

So why is this work out so good for your body?

Erie News Now caught up with one of the instructors to find out.

Jillian Gentile says Level Red Boxing is a work out for everyone. It's easy on your body so if you have problems with your knee, hip, foot, etc. you can still manage to get through the work out.

If you would like more information on Level Red Boxing, visit their Facebook page.