The Warren Company is a fourth generation family steel business that has been serving customers since 1913.

It stores all sorts of steel, aluminum, and other metal in its main complex in Millcreek and two other facilities.

But the company also does custom steel fabricating.

Company leaders say a highly trained workforce is critical to its success.

So is the company's commitment to making sure it has the latest available technology needed for steel fabrication.

President Bob Warren said, "That provides you that edge that some companies do not want to lay out the capital that is necessary to do that."

The company serves customers all around the tri state region.

Sales manager James Lane said, "Our customer base ranges from Fortune 100 companies to one-two man operations. Heavy industry to precision manufacturing."

While fabricating is a big part of the business, so is warehousing. The company has about five million pounds of steel stored at any given time at their facility.

The latest push is providing data to customers to help increase efficiency and  cut costs.

Lane said, "We have a lot of different options we can partner with our customers to try to do,"

So the company continues to change and evolve.