The Experience Children's Museum opened its doors 22 years ago in downtown Erie.

It is a place for children to explore and a place for families to bond.

And in recent years it is a place that has been growing by leaps and bounds.

The museum has a total of 50 different exhibits on three floors.

The goal is to provide a fun experience but a learning experience as well.

Executive Director Ainslie Brosig said, "Kids are playing and they don't realize they're learning. We sneak in fractions, literacy, reading and vocabulary."

Attendance at the museum has doubled in the past three years.

Memberships have quadrupled.

Museum leaders think giving the exhibits a fresh look is the biggest reason for the growth.

Brosig said, "We really have renovated almost every exhibit that we have here, added educational components. Our exhibits meet state standards for curriculum."

A study is now underway to determine if the current space is adequate for the future.

Brosig said, "We need to make some decisions of where the museum is going and where we could be. And what this community needs us to be."