VNET or Velocity Network has been a local internet service provider since 1990.

The company has grown considerably over the years and keeps growing, now adding fiber optic service and preparing to move into a new space in downtown Erie.

Design plans are now being finalized to make the old Rothrock building the new home of VNET.

It will be paid for with some state grants and tax credits and more than $5 million from the company.

VNET CEO Joel Deuterman said, "It is a large space. So it gives us plenty of room to grow. When we are all done with the improvements it will be over 40,000 square feet. We are jammed into 12,000 right now."

The foundation of VNET remains providing IT services to businesses. 

But the focus of growth is the company's fiber optic network.

Crews has installed 400 miles of fiber for high speed internet and new business customers are being added all the time.

But certain residential areas, or zones, are now also getting fiber

But it will take time for the company to select areas where srong demand justifies the cost of installing the fiber.

VNET Director of Sales and Marketing Matt Wiertel said, "The faster we can grow and the more customers we can turn on to the service, the faster we can roll it out to everyone else."