A stop at a McDonald's drive-thru in Harborcreek was the beginning of the end for murder fugitive Steve Stephens.  Stephens pulled into the McDonald's on Buffalo Road and ordered a 6-piece Chicken McNuggets and fries.  An employee working at the first drive-thru window believed she recognized Stephens and the car he was driving, a white Ford Fusion with Ohio tags.  As Stephens pulled up to the second window, the employee notified her supervisor and the restaurant owner, Tom Ducharme.  She told them that the fugitive may be waiting for an order.  Ducharme, and the supervisor, went to the window and in an effort to stall, told Stephens that it would be a minute until his fries would be ready. At the same time, the drive-thru employee called Pennsylvania State Police. According to Ducharme, Stephens then became nervous, and told Ducharme that he did not want the fries and did not want a refund. Stephens then drove away. Ducharme said the State Police response was immediate, and he could see the patrol cars begin their pursuit of Stephens. Moments later, the nationwide manhunt ended with Stephens shooting himself, just over a mile from the McDonald's on Buffalo Road.

"Hats off to my crew and managers who work here," Ducharme said. "I'm just so proud of how they handled everything."