Silk Screen Unlimited has been providing printing, engraving and embroidery services since 1974.

The company fills orders from major companies to little league teams, stressing quality work and personal service.

Custom printing is the bread and butter of the business.

Employees pump out 350,000 to 400,000 articles of printed clothing every year.

Customers range from large companies to fraternities and sororities to sports leagues.

There is also a wide range in the size of orders.

Owner Cindy Glass said, "It goes all the way from an order of thousands of shirts to one. We will do just one."

Customers can choose the type of clothing they want from many different catalogs.

Then employees get their ideas for the print job, ideas on letter, colors and design.

Glass said, "That information goes to the art department and whatever one of our art department guys. It is up to them to produce something."

Printing is clearly the foundation of the business, representing about 80% of sales. However Silk Screen Unlimited provides other services as well, including engraving and embroidery.

Glass says her employees are the key to the company's success.

She said, "Without them I would not have a business. It is that simple."