Icing on the Lake opened six years ago, but just moved to its new location in the West Erie Plaza a couple of months ago.

Business is growing at the bakery that specializes in a wide variety of sweet treats, from cupcakes and cookies, to cakes and macaroons.

And the bakery is always coming up with new items.

Owner Heidi Fette said, "We listen to the customers. If there is something they would like we try it. We do it. It is all about making them happy."

A big part of the business is specialty cakes, custom made for weddings, birthdays, showers and other special events.

Bethany Trabert does the decorating.

She loves the challenge but keeping up is not always easy.

She said, "Sometimes you have to work on 3-4 cakes at a time, push them aside and work on another one. So it is time consuming but you make it work."

All ten employees work hard and work as a team to keep customers coming back.

Fette says her staff is the key to the bakery's success.

She said, "I would not be there if it were not for them. This is not a one man show."

Everyone has been working harder since the move to the West Erie Plaza.

Business is up about 50% .