The Tri-State Pain Institute is a fast growing, independent medical practice that has been helping local patients since the 1990's.

The staff includes three doctors and four physician assistants, all focused on helping relieve and manage acute and chronic pain.

The founder of the business, Dr. Joseph Thomas says finding out what is causing the pain is  the key to coming up with the right treatment plan.

He said, "You have to find out where the pain is coming from to establish a working diagnosis then do the things that work."

And the business has plenty of state of the art equipment to help learn more about the pain.

Equipment includes advanced MRI imaging, and the latest CT technology.

There is also physical therapy for patients coping  with pain or recovering from surgery.

And there is even a special therapy pool.

Patient Paul DeDionisio said, "It is a tremendous facility. I don't believe  I have ever been in another doctor's office or medical facility like this."

Dr. Thomas thinks putting so many services under one roof, and seeing patients quickly at the key to Tri-State's success.

He said, "I think the comprehensive nature of our practice has made me able to stay independent, and also seeing patients early on."