Erie Audiology has been providing hearing services since the 1960s, helping individuals cope with hearing loss, and helping companies come up with plans to protect the hearing of their employees.

Doctor of Audiology Allison Keenan has owned the business for 17 years.

She gives new patients a sophisticated hearing evaluation.

If significant hearing loss is found, the goal is providing help to improve the patient's quality of life.

She said, "If an individual enjoys being engaged with family members or friends, or staying relevant in the workplace, we are able to help them stay on top of their game that way."

The biggest change for business over the years has been technology. Hearing aids that used to be big, bulky and uncomfortable are small, easy to wear and high tech.

But the hearing aids are not just small.

They are better.

Keenan said, "We are giving very precise levels of amplification depending on the unique pattern of hearing difficulty that any given person may have."

Erie Audiology also works to prevent hearing loss among employees at local companies, providing hearing protection and advice.