Fiske Associates is a building restoration and maintenance company established in 1992.

But different members of the family have done the same sort of work since the 1960's.

The company uses its experience and contacts to do a wide variety of projects, helping to preserve historic buildings around the region.

Most of the buildings the company works on are in the Erie area. But Fiske has also done a lot of work in western New York and many other locations, preserving and restoring historic buildings.

Project Manager Jake Fiske said, We have done work all the way down to Elk County, all through the state, Kentucky, Indiana."

The work can be quite challenging, especially for certain historically significant buildings where the standards for restoration are very specific and exacting.

Fiske said, "On the historical registry, if we do a building like that it has to be fixed in the manner it was built. That is a little bit tasking. But you get the good employees that are dedicated and take pride in their work and we get good results."