At Erie High School a community effort is now underway to give the 450,000 square foot building a makeover.

More than 1,500 volunteers have signed up to help ServErie with a four day revitalization project.

"We've all been very anxious just to get this thing off the ground, we've planned and planned and planned, you reach a moment, where you just want to go,” said ServErie Executive Director Marcus Atkinson.  “There are so many people who love this community, want the best for the community for our kids, and this shows that."

Volunteers are helping paint the walls and ceiling, installing new dry wall, cleaning the lockers, and performing landscaping duties.

For machine shop teacher Chris Snyder, it's a matter of school pride.

“I take pride in this school,” said Snyder.  “I can't wait for the kids to come and see what's been done over the summer."

Kara Easly and several other Harding Elementary School Teachers also helped scrub lockers.

"As a teacher in the school district, I have a lot of students that will be coming to this building next year,” said Easly.  “I have my own children in the school district, and I would want something nice for every single one of them.”

While Erie High School senior Makayla Unger proves that there is no task to small.

"I'll probably get really angry when someone puts some gum on the wall, said Unger.  I just cleaned up so much gum off the walls."

The project will wrap up on Sunday.  If you would like to help out, ServErie is still seeking volunteers. You can register at Erie High School.