Last week, the Erie Philharmonic donated pianos to two Erie schools.  Today, they are helping some local incoming kindergartners get ready for school.

Crews donated book bags filled with school supplies and household items,
   to students at the Saint Benedict Center this morning.

Eighty-five back packs were filled with soap, socks, books and more.

The Philharmonic says the donation is designed to help the kids transition to preschool to kindergarten this coming fall.

The executive director, Steve Weiser, says they've been helping them with music lessons this summer, and want to continue helping the kids.
"We wanted to find a way to keep giving throughout the rest of their lives, and what better way than actually having a book bag they can take with them.  Not necessarily a memory of us, but just a way to keep help supporting them,” says Steve.

 A portion of the donations came from a recent fundraising drive where many community members participated.