A 16 year old is the final teen identified and now charged as an adult, in the robbery of a woman, on an Erie street. 16-year-old Reece Dorsey of Erie was arraigned today. Judge Paul Urbaniak set bond at $50,000. 

Erie Police posted images of three teens on social media in hopes the public would help identify the men.

Tips paid off as police say two 17-year old's were identified and later charged as adults under the Fisher Bill, in connection to the robbery that happened back on August 21st around 6:30 am. They're identified as Ethan Hefton and Stephen Godfrey III.

After being arraigned on several charges, they were sent to the Erie county prison with their bond is set at $50,000. All three teens face charges of robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery, theft, and receiving stolen property. 

Their arrests come after Erie police released surveillance video of the suspects on their Facebook page, and to Erie News Now.

The suspects told investigators many people were telling them they were seen on surveillance video on TV.

Police say the trio robbed a woman as she was walking to the bus, on her way to work. She tried to defend herself by taking out a knife on the three men, but police say that's when Hefton grabbed her knife and used it to rob her of her personal belongings. 

Hefton is also charged with aggravated assault, for allegedly pulling the knife away from the victim and threatening to stab her.