A Westfield, New York, brewery is now getting into the fish production business.

Five & 20 Spirits and Brewing has officially launched a new partnership with TimberFish Technologies, to create a one-of-a-kind fish production facility.

"The technology can grow anything,” said TimberFish Technologies CEO Jere Northrop.  “We can grow any saltwater and freshwater, any type of fish."

Here's how it works.

All wastewater from the distillery is pumped through pipes into tanks.

The water is then mixed with wood chips, which will create nutrient-rich seafood for bacteria and invertebrates.

The fish then eat the invertebrates and are grown within the tanks.

"We produce a microbial food base, which is the natural food for most of the fish,” said Northrop.  “We can grow multiple species.  We’re growing perch, catfish, and bass.  We hope to grow trout in the near future.”

The brewery will then harvest the fish and sell them at their on-site restaurant.

Eventually, the brewery will also be able to sell their fish to local restaurants and supermarkets.

"By taking our byproducts that otherwise we would have to pay to have hauled away or disposed of, now we have an opportunity to create a valuable product by growing fish,” said Five & 20 General Manager Mario Mazza.  “We’re really making a more substantial venture, but also an economically viable one.”

Those involved with this new technology, expect it to spread worldwide.

“We're going to demonstrate the technology and the goal is then to license this out and build larger facilities,” said Mazza.  “One, two, four million pounds per year facilities, potentially around the country and around the world.”