Several local animal non-profits are speaking out. They're concerned a for-profit business is deceiving the public by using their names, to make money.

4Paws Animal Rescue Thrift Store opened up in June, in Millcreek.

It has been collecting unwanted or unsold items, and claiming to turn them into cash for several animal non-profits including The A.N.N.A. Shelter, Ears, Orphan Angels, Because You Care Animal Rescue, Erie Animal Network, Hope for Erie Animal Wellness, and the Northwest PA Humane Society.

The problem is, the non-profits say they have not seen a dime, "My biggest concern is public perception, the fact that people think proceeds are benefiting the animal shelters, and that's not what's happening," said The A.N.N.A. Shelter Director, Ruth Thompson.

Thompson says the non-profits are also concerned about their 501c3 status, "The IRS looks very sternly between a non-profit and a for-profit, there is so much paperwork and contracts that need to be filled out, it needs to be approved by the Attorney General, things that weren't done in this situation," said Thompson. "I think I speak for all of us when I say this is all too important to all of us, we've all worked too hard to earn these reputations to lose it or to have it be used to deceive the public, it can't be tolerated," Thompson continued.

They say they were not approached by the owner of 4Paws, before the business opened in June.

The directors of several of the non-profits approached 4Paws owner, Dan Tupek to address their concerns, but Thompson says they've been ignored.

"They just have to be patient and see that you don't make a million dollars just by opening the doors, things have to be paid first, and then you get your profits," said Tupek.

Tupek tells Erie News Now he has not made a dime himself from the business in the last three months, and has every intention to eventually donate to the non-profits, "Out of the goodness of our hearts, the local animal shelters are going to reap the rewards," said Tupek. "However, they just have to understand that we've only been in business three months, there are leases that have to be paid, utilities that have to be paid, insurance that has to be paid, and me and my wife are fronting all of that," Tupek continued.

Tupek says he has donated items, like blankets, to the non-profits, and he attempted to donate about $30.00 to Orphan Angels last week, but they refused because they don't have an agreement and are concerned about losing their non-profit status.

Tupek says he's doing this for the animals, has does not want to jeopardize the non-profits in any way, "We are a for-profit business with no affiliation with any of the local animal shelters, but in the end, they will benefit from us. So if that's a bad thing, then I'm sorry I'm a bad guy," said Tupek.

The A.N.N.A. Shelter posted their concerns Thursday on Facebook