The Erie Philharmonic has been making music and entertaining local audiences for the past 104 years.

Top quality, highly trained musicians every year performing a mix of symphonic and pops concerts.

Executive Director Steve Weiser said, "We can offer a cultural experience that would cost five times as much as any big city and would almost be impossible to get a ticket for."

And the philharmonic  features a top quality music director in Daniel Meyer.

Longtime violinist Maura Pelinsky says he is a conductor who encourages and motivates the musicians.

She said, "I think we have an absolute trust in him. We know that Daniel knows the music and he is going to communicate that for us."

The philharmonic is also blessed to have the Warner Theatre as its home.

The acoustics and atmosphere are both first rate.

Pelinsky said, "We are so fortunate to have the Warner. It is a beautiful place. And a lot of people, the first time they come to a concert, they are in awe because it is so lovely."

The orchestra performs ten shows a year at the Warner. but in recent years there has been more of a push to get the music out into the community.

Pelinsky said, "I hope we do more of that. It is a great concept."