Sterling Technologies is a Lake City company that has grown steadily since opening its doors nearly 20 years ago.

The company makes large plastic products for customers all over the country, with annual sales of about $12 million.

The company uses a process called rotational molding to make large plastic products.

A lot of manpower is needed and the work is not easy.

Supervisor Dennis McCarthy said, "It is extremely physically demanding."

Everything produced at the company is custom made, with Sterling designers using computer software to design the molds used to make the finished products.

Some customers are major retailers, but others are small start-ups who rely on Sterling to take a concept and turn it into a finished product.

Vice President Cary Quigley said, "There are a lot of people who do business with us who have no brick or mortar. They are literally websites. We managed everything from our facilities."

Company leaders say the keys to its success are good products and good service, and focus on finding new customers

Quigley said, "We are really out there searching the marketplace. We have a great sales team, great marketing efforts."

But it is a very competitive business.

Still Sterling has been growing steadily. and the company expects that growth will continue.