Marquette Savings Bank celebrates its 110th anniversary next year.

It has grown to a community bank with 130 employees at 12 locations in Erie and Crawford counties, serving both residential and business customers.

Marquette stresses its hometown roots, as the only remaining bank with headquarters in Erie.

Marquette CEO Michael Edwards said, "I think customers like to deal with a local firm or local bank. There is much less red tape."

The bank's philosophy is pretty simple, success comes from building strong relationships.

Edwards said, "We don't want to be transactional. We like the total relationship. That is what we work towards."

The relationship that has always been the key focus is on customers seeking mortgages.

The ban k believes its ability to act quickly and be flexible attracts home buyers.

Edwards said, "I think we make it easy for the customers."

While residential business remains the foundation of business for Marquette, the fastest growing part of the business is actually business banking, helping businesses grow and expand.

And Marquette is very committed to the Erie community, spending more than $400,000 a year to help organizations that help address community needs.

And this year, the bank gave $300,000 to Our West Bayfront, the new group attacking blight on the lower west side.