The local office of Miller Brother Staffing Solutions has been matching local workers to available jobs for the past five years.

It is one of the company's nine offices in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

The firm handles some short term assignments, but the main focus is on long term assignments that can lead to permanent jobs.

Extensive interviews are critical in helping the company screen potential applicants to find the best candidates for available jobs.

The screening isn't easy.

But it is crucial to give employers a choice of qualified applicants.

William Noel of Miller Brother Staffing Solutions said, "It is a huge effort to be able to really search through thousands of people to narrow the focus to who we need for those specific positions."

And the company eases the burden on employers that hire one of the applicants.

Noel said, "We make it easy because we take care of all of the paperwork, all of the taxes, all of the screening, drug screening and any other background work that needs to be done."

Miller Brother Staffing Solutions has a lot of competitors, but the company has been successful by focus on long term opportunities.

Noel said, "The difference for us is that we are more into professional staffing. We search longer term opportunities for our candidates. We don't do as much day labor. That has allowed us to have a different model to ultimately have success with that."