The St. Martin Center is a non profit agency that has been helping those in need for the past 66 years.

It is a Catholic Charities organization that provides a wide variety of services.

It runs a busy early learning center on State Street, moving there about 18 months ago.

Executive Director David Gonzalez  said, "We have expanded and it is thriving. It is growing. It is the highest enrollment we have ever had. We are close to 180 children."

The St. Martin Center also provides many other services to help the needy and poor.

A food pantry helps hundreds of people each month.

Social Services Administrator Margie Olszewski said,"Folks just find themselves in a predicament. They are laid off, get sick, divorced, they come to us. We see if we can help them and alleviate their stress."

The center provides many other services including credit and budget counseling and education for home buyers.

But providing all the services is expensive.

The center's yearly budget is about $2.7 million.

Gonzalez said, "We are always navigating between the line of implementing our mission of helping those in need and figuring out how we are going to finance that."