The name has only been around for the past three years.

But the owners of Millcreek Coffee have been in the coffee business since the late 1970's.

The company distributes coffee and related products to hundreds of businesses  all around the region, and it has a growing retail business as well.

President-CEO Anita Marcoline said, "We go to Bradford. We go to New York State. We go into Ohio."

The company makes it easy, handling everything.

Delivering the coffee, tracking the inventory, and supplying equipment.

Trucks roll out of the warehouse everyday.

And more and more customers want higher quality coffee.

Anita Marcoline said, "Starbucks really changed the industry. They raised the bar on coffee."

Millcreek Coffee customer Marco Monnsalve said, "This is the only place in Erie that is providing really high end, well roasted coffee."

Roasting beans for high quality coffee is a growing part of the business.

It takes time, patience and specialized equipment. But results in coffee that customers are increasingly drawn to."

Maz Marcoline of Millcreek Coffee said, "The sooner you drink it after it has been roasted the better the coffee is. So I think that is a big part of this. Folks are coming to recognize that freshness is absolutely imperitive to a really high quality product."