Without a melt in almost two weeks, the amount of snow and ice on top of your roof can cause some serious concerns. You could be at risk for leaks or worse, an entire roof collapse.

Ice dams can be a serious problem on your home and it's become a major concern in our area due to the amount of snow and ice that has formed on many roofs after the major storm. There are products out on the market that are there to help such as Roof Melt.
Its a hockey puck sized block of salt that you simply throw up on your roof to help melt the dam, but there are other options including professional removal if the ice dam is too big.

The Minnesota based company, Absolutely Clean Window Washing is in town removing those ice dam from homes. The company specializes in ice removal and offers a safe low-pressure ice dam steaming system.

Owner, Jesse Lofgren says, there are some key warning signs you need to look for when inspecting at your home. If you have ice running down your siding, sometimes brown in color this is a major concern as there could already be a leak inside your wall without you even knowing. Other signs would be ice forming behind the gutters or coming through the soffit.

"We're seeing warning signs on probably 60-70% of all the homes in Erie where ice is coming down the siding and in areas it shouldn't be. With the warm up forecasted, there is a huge potential that homeowners could have water coming in their house,” Lofgren said.  

Lofgren added that you should never go on your roof and try to remove these alone as it can be dangerous and not effective.