Lincoln Foundry is an old school local company.

You won't find robots or high tech computerized machines.

Instead, workers with strong backs have been the key to the company's success since it opened in 1974.

Foundry Manager Chris Campbell said, "Our products are used in the electrical industry, the automotive industry. We have a line we make for the drainage industry. We make valves for the oil and gas industry. So our industry is driven by the market a lot."

Preparing the molds is the first step in the process. Then comes the pouring with a wide variety of metals and alloys used.

After the casing cools, a special saw is used to trim off excess metal. Then, other employees grind and polish the casting to smooth our any rough edges.

And increasingly, more finishing work like machining and plating is demanded by customers.

Longtime employee Stephen Mink said, "A lot of stuff we make now is more difficult. It takes a little bit longer to make. Companies want more specific dimensions and everything has to be just right."

The work at the foundry isn't for everyone. It is hard, difficult work.

Campbell said, "We have a phrase here at Lincoln Foundry that we go by, is Lincoln Foundry tests and metal and tests the man."