Gohrs on Demand is a custom digital printing company that has been steadily growing since it opened seven years ago.

The employees handle all sorts of orders.

Company President Ken Menale says the employees are critical to his firm's success.

He said, "They truly care about the product. They care about the company's success and their own success."

The company specializes in digital printing, giving the company flexibility to handle big and small jobs, with customers getting the best deal possible.

Menale said, "The digital printing allows us to give the large quantity discount but print at lower volumes."

But Gohrs on Demand handles more than just printing.

The company can also design the images and graphics for customers.

Basically taking an idea through the process to a finished product.

It is a one stop shop.

Vice President-Controller Stacey Janus said, "We can print all sorts of business cards, envelopes, large format posters, whatever you need. Whatever quantities from 250 to 25,000 if you want."

The company has only been around for seven years, but it has grown 10-15% a year, nearly outgrowing its space.

Menale said, "Within a year or two, we are going to have to look for an additional facility So we are excited about that."