The Pittsburgh Inn is a family owned, casual restaurant that has been around a long time.

It opened in 1924.

The current owners took over in 2007, continuing the tradition of serving good meals at reasonable prices.

Co-owner Tom Weunski says he tried to have something for everyone.

He said, "We do a lot of comfort food, a lot of homemade items. But we also have seafood, steaks and sandwiches."

Tom's wife, Robin says the couple along with their two adult children try to keep prices as low as possible.

She said, " We try to keep everything as reasonably prices as we possibly can. So a family can come in and have dinner and not have to spend a lot of money."

While the food is a big drawing card, so is the atmosphere.

The Pittsburgh Inn is a shrine to steel city sports.

And while the connection to Pittsburgh is strong, so are ties to the military.

The strong ties began when the couple's son was deployed overseas and Robin began sending care packages.

it never stopped..

She said, "Every week I am packing boxes and shipping them out. People just continue to bring stuff in. That has been the most amazing thing, the  entire community coming together."