Since it first started more than a decade ago, egg freezing has become an increasingly popular option for women who want to preserve their fertility.

But the procedure can be expensive, and that has some women coming up with creative ways to raise that money.

Erie resident Stephanie Montgomery is throwing her own fundraiser called “Steph’s Egg – Stravagant” event.

Montgomery said she hopes sharing her personal journey will inspire women to seek out their options.

She said growing up she never thought about having a family of her own. It wasn’t until she saw her nieces and nephews that she realized having kids was something she wanted. By that point she was in her mid-thirties and was worried about the risks of having a child if she waits any longer.

"I don't want to feel the pressure of dating,” Montgomery said. “I don't want to feel the pressure of my biological clock constantly ticking and I don't want to lose the opportunity to have a family someday. So that is my main motivation, right there."

That’s when he doctor advised her to consider freezing her eggs.

The type of egg-freezing procedure can cost anywhere from 10 to 15 thousand dollars and is not typically covered by health insurance.

That’s why Montgomery is taking it upon herself to ask friends, family and the community for their support.

"I had made a joke in my doctor's office saying you know what I'll have a shower and I'm going to invite all these girls, all these women and all my friends that I've been to all of their stag and drags and their weddings and maybe it's my turn, maybe this will be my thing,” She said. “They'll support me in that."

Montgomery said if she doesn’t meet someone and follow through with the second half of this process she will donate her eggs to a couple that needs it.

The event is being held on March 3rd from 5 to 9 p.m. at the Metropolitan Dance Club.

The cost is $15 and there will be food, drinks and a Chinese auction.