Moore Research is a local marketing research company that has been in business for nearly 50 years.

It is based here in Erie, but it is really a global company, providing key information to all kinds of firms, from  Fortune 500 companies to small start ups.

President-CEO Colleen Moore Mezler said, "We find out how people think and feel about products and services, and we do it in a whole variety of ways."

While the company is a local firm, its reach goes far beyond Erie.

In fact, only about 20% of the clients that Moore works with are from the Erie areas.

Technology has allowed the company to dramatically expand its reach.

Vice-President Frank Mezler said, "Now that you have the internet, on-line surveys, it allows us to reach anywhere there is internet access, smart phones, tablets, they reach anywhere. We analyze this and send the report back to our client."

The company has grown and changed a great deal over the years.

But one thing will never change, the need for people willing to participate in surveys, check out products and give their opinions.

Colleen Moore Mezler said, "We are not selling anything. We are not asking you to do anything extra. We are just finding out your opinion and paying you in cash for your time."