For the first time in three years, crews are building a giant ice castle as part of the annual winter festival in Mayville, New York.

Mild weather the past two winters scrubbed the project.

But this year is different, with the ice at least 15 inches thick in Chautauqua Lake.

Workers are cutting more than 1500 huge blocks of ice, moving them up a chute, then using a crane and backhoe to put them into place.

It is a community effort that began in 1987, and happens every year, if the weather cooperates.

The ice castle helps to attract big crowds to the festival.

Sally Andriaccio of the Mayville Chamber of Commerce said, "It will bring in about 20,000 people. They come from Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Pittsburgh, all the surrounding communities."

The festival begins with the lighting of the ice castle Friday evening, then a full weekend of activities at Lakeside Park.