ERIE, Pa. - A national group was in Erie Monday pushing for a non-partisan commission to draw future maps.

MarchOnHarrisburg, a group of nonpartisan activists, organizers, and volunteers stumped at Millcreek's Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Erie, promoting anti-corruption bills that would end gerrymandering in Pennsylvania.

The commonwealth ranked the fifth-worst in the nation by the electoral integrity project on those issues, the group says.

"Gerrymandering is certainly one of the rules that have been used to undermine the voice of the people," said Adam Eichen, author of Daring Democracy. "It's a way of rigging the rules."

"What this court case does not solve is the process for redistricting in the future," said Rabbi Michael Pollack. "This is going to affect the map for 2018, possibly 2020."

The next map will be redrawn after the 2020 census is conducted.