ErieBank, a division of CNB Bank, began operating in 2005.

It has been growing ever since, focusing on both commercial and retail customers, with a philosophy of personalized service.

Katie Jones, Vice-President Market Manager said, "We try to make sure they feel better walking out of our building than they did coming in."

The bank uses that same approach with commercial clients.

Senior vice-President William DeLuca said, "At the end of the day we are going to understand who they are, what they do and what we can do to help them be successful."

ErieBank now has 11 offices in Pennsylvania and Ohio with more than 100 employees.

Helping grow the community has helped the bank to grow.

ErieBank is investing $2.5 million in the Erie Downtown Development Corporation.

And the bank has thrown its support behind the planned multi million dollar renovation of the former Family First Sports Park.

In fact, the facility has been re-named the ErieBank Sports Park.

ErieBank President Dave Zimmer said, "We are very committed to giving back to the community because if the community does well, our bank will do well."