Members of the community and the Erie Fire Department came together in honor of a fellow firefighter killed in a car crash almost one year ago.

A packed house is on hand, sharing drinks, laughs and stories.

A fitting scene as it's in memory of a man that was larger than life.

"He was an outstanding firefighter, and he was just a good man. He had a giant heart."

Lieutenant Darren Hart of the Erie Fire Department worked alongside Steve McKenrick for 14 years.

"As far as a firefighter goes, he's the guy you wanted to work with.” Hart said “He was a very smart firefighter, a very hard working fire fighter."

McKenrick was killed in car accident last March. His mother died too. In its wake, left a deep hole.

"You can't replace that, the belly laughs, the traditions that they passed on."

Steve’s cousin, Joseph King says the pain still hasn't numbed.

"It feels like yesterday he was just here.” King said “And the holidays come around, or we do something like this. And when you walk in, what do you expect, you think he's gonna be right there."

At the event Friday night, t-shirts, glasses, and his nickname "the Beave" on it were sold. With the proceeds going to towards a college for his two children.

"We haven't forgotten Steve, and they're part of our family as well.” Lt. Hart said “And this is gesture that we can do to let them know that we still care about them, and if there's a way that we can help, we will."

Steve McKenrick is dead, but spirit, is still very much alive.

"He’s always with us in our memories, he's always going to be in our hearts. And, you know, the type of person, is like Steven, is when you contribute, and you were selfless, and always part of the community, and you're just loved.” King said”He's always, gonna be in our hearts, and it's just going to be one of those things that will live on forever."

In attendance Friday night was McKenrick's sister, Janice, who was critically injured in the crash. She is still dealing with surgeries related to that tragedy.