State Police are continuing to look for a motive in a double murder in Fairview.

A suspect is in custody charged with killing his wife and step daughter and tying up his granddaughter.

The suspect, 58 year old Regis Brown is now in the Erie County Prison charged with two counts of criminal homicide and other crimes.

Troopers charge Brown with fatally stabbing his step daughter 35 year old Tammy Greenwalt then killing his wife 53 year old Michele Brown.

He was arrested last night.

Police say he confessed.

They say he used a broken pair of scissors and a sledgehammer to commit the murders while the 14 year old granddaughter was tied up inside the house.

Neighbors were clearly stunned.

Jim Pettys said, "It was a shocker. I could not believe something like that could happen in our area because we seldom hear of something like that happening in Fairview. But I guess it can happen anywhere."

Lori Stanley said, "It makes me frightened because I live by myself. So it is frightening for me and I am sure for some of the elderly neighbors I have."

The 14 year old granddaughter is now safe with her biological father, who did not live in the house.