Keyshawn McLaurin maintained his innocence as he learned his fate.

On Tuesday, Judge William Cunningham sentenced the 21-year-old man to life in prison without the possibility of parole for first-degree murder, and an additional 19-39 years in prison for criminal conspiracy, aggravated assault, and firearm charges.  

"He said he was innocent and then called himself a victim, said Erie County District Attorney Jack Daneri.  I found that to be quite pathetic.  No other word can describe it other than that."

In January, a jury convicted McLaurin for his role in the drive-by shooting death, of 16-year-old Shakur Franklin.

It happened outside of a house party on Summit Street, in July of 2015.

Investigators recovered McLaurins crashed SUV near the crime scene, along with two guns.

At his sentencing, McLaurin apologized to Franklin's family, and addressed the court.

"I still and will always maintain my innocence, said McLaurin.  I didn't fire one bulletI'm guilty of giving some guys a ride to a party."

The victim's mother, Mary Kirkland then addressed McLaurin.

 "I don't think your apology is sincere, said Kirkland.  I will never be able to tell my son I love him again.  He didn't deserve this."

Daneri says justice has been served.

"He continues to lie, he's never been sincere, and if he wants to continue his gang mentality, he has the rest of his life to do that, said Daneri.  I hope his other gang members who were in the vehicle with him, thank him every day."

Three other men---Jahuan Jones, Stephen Russell, and Demond Mitchell---were also charged in this case.  However, all three of them were acquitted at trial.

"We're disappointed that was the outcome of the trial, said Daneri.  We believe the evidence was therethe jury at least rendered a just verdict, as it applied to Keyshawn McLaurin."

Elijah Jackson, 16, was also killed at that party.

Last February, 23-year-old Darion Eady was convicted of third-degree murder, and sentenced up to 47 years in prison for Franklin’s death.