LINESVILLE, Pa. - Conneaut School District's Business Manager Gregory Mayle faces several charges including a felony for allegedly strangling his girlfriend at a Cochranton-area home on Feb. 24. He has remained on the job since, leading a budget discussion at Tuesday's school board meeting.

"Through the work with the solicitor and the authorities, we've done what they've asked us to do," said Conneaut Superintendent Jarrin Sperry.

"We have to give the legal process time," said School Board President Dot Luckock citing a recommendation by the board's solicitor, George Joseph, who was absent from the special meeting called Tuesday.

The decision has led some district taxpayers puzzled, including Travis Crytzer. He is calling for Mayle to be placed on paid administrative leave while the investigation continues. But the district doesn't have a protocol for cases like this, Sperry said.

"It's displaying that administrators are really held to a different standard than teachers, aides, and students," Crytzer said.

However, the district does have a protocol in place for incidents like these for faculty members who do interact with students.

"Usually (Children & Youth Services) is involved," Sperry said. "There are guidelines with them, but they were not involved in this case."

That's because Sperry says Mayle, 28, doesn't interact with students. Mayle's office is located in the administration building in Linesville, outside of Conneaut Area Senior High.

Crytzer is pushing the district to publicly condemn domestic violence.

"The public deserves an answer or some sort of public statement," he said.

Mayle has worked for the district for over two years. He declined to speak with Erie News Now on Tuesday.

Sperry and the board will await the outcome of Mayle's preliminary hearing scheduled for April 9 before determining their next steps.

Mayle could face up to 12 years in prison if he's convicted, according to court documents.

Another consolidation?

Meanwhile, Conneaut School District officials announced Tuesday they are considering consolidating their Conneaut Lake Middle School and Conneaut Valley Middle School into one building. Sperry urged the district's nine school board members to explore the possibility, citing declining enrollment. The move could save the district between $500,000 and $800,000, he said. It's unclear whether Conneaut Lake or Conneaut Valley would be the permanent location.

Board members will be gathering public feedback that they will return to Luckock by the May 9 board meeting. Sperry will make a recommendation on what steps the district should take in September. A public hearing would be set for October followed by a 90-day review process, what the state calls a "cooling off period," should the district choose to consolidate schools. A final vote would not come until January or February 2019.

The board did not express plans to consolidate Conneaut Lake and Conneaut Valley Elementary Schools during the special meeting Tuesday.

In 2012, the district consolidated Conneaut Lake, Conneaut Valley and Linesville high schools into one building, what is now Conneaut Area Senior High School in Linesville.