Amatech is a family owned business specializing in reusable packaging, with customers all over the country.

And sales just keep growing.

The company has a facility here in Erie and a second complex in Columbus, Ohio.

About three dozen people work in the local plant,  making reusable packaging used to ship products used in all sorts of industries.

Director of Business Development Jay Amatangelo said, "We want to get rid of the cardboard boxes and replace them with returnable packaging. They can be used over and over for anywhere from 3-7 years in their system."

And while the reusable packing has an up front cost, it can be a big cost savings over time.

But making the packaging only comes after a lot of design work.

Then it is up to Amatech designers and engineers to go to work to build a prototype package then eventually a final design.

Senior Design Engineer Stephen Rupprecht said, "Sometimes the customer comes to us with an idea then we have to funnel it down to get what really works. And sometimes we have to come up with an idea for them."

No matter how it is done, turning the design into a finished product isn't easy. It only happens with a lot of teamwork..

And that teamwork has helped the company steadily grow, up to 10% annually.

Sixty percent of the business is tied to the automotive industry but the company continues to diversify into pharmaceuticals and other areas.