Samurai Kitchen + Sushi is a small, family owned restaurant on busy West 12th Street in Millcreek.

The restaurant serves a wide variety of food, with an emphasis on freshness, and an attractive presentation.

The restaurant is owned by Jufi and Sara  Brager Andreas.

The husband and wife team opened the business in January 2017.

Jufi is originally from Indonesia, with years of experience cooking in Japanese restaurants in Erie and around the country.

He wants to be sure there is plenty of variety on the menu.

he said, "It is kind of like Asian fusion. We have every food in Asia. So I am trying to combine Japanese and Southeast Asia food."

Owners say the key to their success so far can be summed up in two words, quality and presentation.

Sara Brager Andreas said, "Those are the things people remember when they go out to eat. And people are more likely to come back if they have a positive experience at the restaurant."

Customers also like a nice atmosphere.

And and couple spent a lot of time giving the restaurant a sleek, modern look.

Sara  Brager Andreas said, "We had months of renovations. We had a great team, and a lot of help getting the space to look the way we had envisioned it looking."

Owning his own restaurant is a dream come true for Jufi.

His goal is providing top quality food but in unique ways.

He said, "Everything I just want to be different in this area, Erie. This is my hometown now. I have to create stuff people have never experienced."