The weather wasn't the only cold one out there today, as it was National Beer Day.

And some folks in Erie celebrated at the annual Erie Microbrew Fest.

WQLN’s annual festival always brings a crowd to the BREWERIE Union Station, and this year was no different. 
            They packed the restaurant and bar to sample more than 100 beers from 33 brewers.

Among the brewers was the Cochranton-based Riverside Brewing Company.

The recent start-up made headlines last year when they announced plans to build their first restaurant and brewery on the site of the Riverside Inn, which was destroyed by fire last year.

The owners are finalizing plans, to move their barn from Cochranton to Cambridge Springs.

And they were in Erie today, to continue to spread the word about their beer.

"It's awesome, we're so excited, it's going to be great. “ Co-Owner of Riverside Brewing Company, Deanna Howles said “We've had amazing feedback from the Cambridge Springs community, and the Erie and Meadville communities. Cambridge has been super welcoming, so it's really cool."

Howles says construction should begin within the next few weeks,  with a goal of opening by next spring.