Building Systems, Inc. is a family owned, general contractor specializing in commercial and industrial construction.

But BSI does much more than just work at a job site.

Currently, crews are busy handling a $5.5 million renovation of the old Family First Sports Park, renamed ErieBank Sports Park.

Workers are busy ripping out artificial turf to prepare to install two ice rinks.

It is not a typical job for BSI.

But the company says every job presents unique challenges.

Vice President Dan Schaaf said, "We have always just tried to develop the company in a way the customer never hears we can't provide someone. If we have not done it, we can figure it out."

The company has built or renovated hundreds of commercial and industrial buildings since it began in 1984.

Most of the work has been done in our region.

But BSI has done work in many other states.

President Tim Schaaf said, "We've done a little traveling. We go where the customer wants us to go."

But wherever the job site is located, a lot of work occurs at BSI headquarters in Summit Township.

Tim Schaaf said, "By doing a lot of this work in house, we can guarantee the quality we are putting out because we are controlling it."

BSI has nearly 90 employees.

Managers say they are the key to the company's success.

Tim Schaaf said, "We have a great team here. We are surrounded with the most talented people in the industry in my opinion."