The Erie shipyard is expected to remain a very busy place until early May, far later than normal.

In fact, it has been the busiest winter season ever.

Four ships are now at Donjon Shipbuilding and Repair.

Two are in the massive dry dock, while the other two are docked in nearby slips.

And since January, five other ships have come in for repairs and required inspections.

The total of nine ships is the most ever.

And it has been the most lucrative winter season ever for Donjon.

And the extended season means 140 workers are still on the job.

In a normal season, the number would be down to about 100.

Assistant General Manager Rick Hammer said, "This is great for employment. We are able to extend the work that we have and keep people employed a little longer here."

Managers think comments from satisfied ship owners have helped to boost business, along with the completion of repairs to the dry dock.