Westfield Memorial Hospital's new emergency department is officially introduced. The expanded and upgraded facility on East Main Street, will now allow for reduced wait times and provide more efficient care by separating walk-in patients  and those that come in via ambulance. 

The Westfield Memorial Hospital Foundation started the RED campaign, standing for "Renovate our Emergency Department" and exceeded the $650,000 goal for the project.

Hospital Administrator Peter Pascale, says, "This was a complete gutting. a remodeling of the area with a whole new philosophy with how patients are seen. In our split flow area, the patients are already going to be sitting down in a recliner and the nurses will triage them there and then the doctor will come in and see them and write their order." 

Among the investments made in the new facility include four new treatment rooms and one large trauma room, along with the creation of a new ambulance vestibule. Westfield memorial also received a New York State Rural Health Grant of $153,000 for the project, as well as support from Saint Vincent Hospital and Allegheny Health, the parent company.  

Westfield Memorial Hospital Foundation Executive Director Patricia DiPalma, says, "We are blessed to have this and we can see that this RED campaign success, spoke volumes of how much our community cares for this community."