Erie News Now has obtained tax records that show current delinquencies for two of the state representative candidates seeking to replace Flo Fabrizio.

Tax records obtained by Erie News Now show Democrat, Rick Filippi and Republican, Laban Marsh both have delinquent taxes.

According to documents from the Erie County Assessment Office, Filippi and Marsh's back taxes combine for nearly $40,000.

Records indicate that Rick Filippi owes the city over $32,000 from the 2017 tax year. This delinquency is primarily in unpaid school taxes.

We pulled delinquent records from 14 different Filippi owned properties. Laban Marsh owes just over $8,000 on three different properties.

Erie News Now spoke with the Erie County Assessment Office who say this isn't all that unusual. The tax office says it's common for people who own multiple properties to fall behind on these. They say a lot of times landlords wait for rent checks or other incomes to come in and choose to pay the tax off at different times. Property owners have three years to pay off the debt before the property will go to tax sale.

Rick Filippi addressed these delinquencies in an on-camera interview. Filippi tells Erie News Now when you're in real estate it's all part of the business.

“It's just the nature of the real estate business, these things happen,” Filippi said.

“You have to deal with it and you have to pay your taxes, I understand my obligation and I think we have a significant obligation and we've always paid it,” Filippi added.

Laban Marsh told Erie News Now it was a clerical oversight and said he plans to take care of it immediately.

"I certainly apologize for not having that paid on time, but I take full responsibility," Marsh said. "I certainly want to make sure that I'm an example as a landlord versus the exception."

He posted a complete list of his 33 properties here.