Erie Insurance is transforming a once blighted neighborhood, with some brand new apartments to rent. 

They started the development at East 5th and German by relocating two historic homes to the site.

The Judah Colt federal style house, that once stood at 4th and French, and the Von Buseck saltbox farm house from moved from a wooded lot on West 38th Street in Millcreek, will each house two new apartments.

Behind the historic homes, construction is almost finished, on two brand new buildings. They will have apartments up top, and garages for all six apartments below.

According to Jeff Brinling, Senior Vice President for Corporate Services, the project aligns with a key goal of the city comprehensive plan. "The larger vision in this particular project is to provide market rate housing downtown, which is part of the Erie Refocused plan and part of a lot of others efforts to help the city come back," Brinling said.

William Matrogran, Vice President of Construction Management & Operations for Erie Insurance said he's developing an appreciation for Erie history. "Well it’s a nice touch stone to the past, I mean it is really interesting to see and hear the history," Matrogran said. "I didn’t grow up in Erie, but working for Erie (Insurance) and being involved with these projects, I learn a lot of history just by being involved in these programs."

Glowacki Management Co. is listing the rentals.  The one and two bedroom units, with marble kitchen counters, pendant lights and solid wood doors will rent from $890 to $1,700 per month.  The first units are expected to be ready for occupancy in June.