It's been about a year since construction began on a new Jewish temple on Old Zuck Road.  We checked in on the progress.

While the future home of the Temple Anshe Hesed congregation has been taking shape for months, members tell us that newly installed ornate metal panels at the front entrance of the building are really distinguishing it as a temple.

Lisa Chinsky, a member of the Temple Building Committee said, "This is a beautiful building and contractors, everybody has done a great job, but when this piece went up it sort of turned from a building to a temple, because not another building is going to have anything like this, and for the people who have been here and the people who have seen the pictures the excitement is building.”

The architect intended them to be a beautiful representation of the Hebrew language. They are covered in a beautiful "motif" of cut-out Hebrew lettering that casts surprising shadows inside the building.

The panels are the work of local company Gene Davis Sales and Services, a steel and metal fabrication firm, working in collaboration with McCreary Roofing. 

They used laser technology to create them. It took time to get the thickness of the metal and the size of the letters just right, and the play of the sunlight is surprising even the creators. "It's always fun when you get something unexpected,” said business owner Dave Davis, “and the afternoon sun will reflect in and the letters will be projected onto the floor here and it'll be special, I think people will stand there and look at it and really appreciate it."

 Inside, work is continuing on the temple library and an expandable worship space.  And they've even found a way to bring sections of stained glass from their original temple at 10th and Liberty to the new home. That building is up for sale. 

The new temple should be complete by mid-summer, and ready for the Jewish high holiday celebrations in September.