"It’s so much more than unsettling, you feel like you're terrorized." Erie resident, Marsha McQuillan said

It was a quiet night at McQuillan’s home in the quiet east Erie neighborhood of Eagle Point Boulevard, when it suddenly turned loud and violent.

At the 3:30 in the morning, three bricks crashed through three windows, sending shards of glass through the home, and sending the McQuillan’s scrambling.

Marsha's husband was close to one of the windows.

"They just came through, one, two, three, and he went to the front, and he saw the person running away." Martha said

Outside, a fourth brick laid nearby a fourth window. The suspect, couldn't finish the job.

"Maybe they ran out of steam, I’m not sure." McQuillan said

This same window was replaced just weeks ago, after being hit by a large rock.

Marsha had been in her living room when it came through. A blanket protected her from serious injury.

 "I couldn't figure out what had happened at first, and I look down and I’m covered with glass." McQuillan said

The MacQuillans chalked that up to simple vandalism, but this time, there's a different feel to it.

 "It just feels like a targeted attack.” McQuillan said” It just doesn't seem like this is random."

Bricks left broken glass throughout the home, Marsha, stopping to pick some up as we walked through.

The damage will hit their pocketbook, but its true cost goes beyond anything money could buy.

"I don’t' feel safe at all, I do not feel safe at all.” McQuillan said “And it's an awful feeling to not feel safe where you live.”

Though shaken, the McQuillan’s are not going down without a fight, they've already contacted the Erie Police, and they plan to invest in security measures outside of their home to make sure this doesn't happen again. And to the person, or person responsible, Marsha has a simple message.

"They need to grow up, and they need to take responsibility for their actions.” McQuillan said “If I find out, I will make them take responsibility."


The person seen running away is described as “5””8”, and roughly 20 to 30 years old.

Marsha says he got away in a car, but it's tough to say what the make and model of it was. If you have any information, or you yourself have been a victim, you are encouraged to call Erie Police.