Erie-area Catholics headed to mass this weekend, many entering their churches for the first time since new charges of priest sexual abuse were unveiled in the Erie Diocese.

The Pennsylvania Attorney General announced charges Tuesday against former priest David Poulson, 64, related to the sexual abuse of minors.

He also took former Bishop Donald Trautman to task for a secret memo that, if handled differently, may have protected future victims.

Most parishioners did not want to talk. One man who chose not to show his face said he is glad it is now in the open.

"I think that it was a cover up," said a St. Patrick Church parishioner. "I think it needed to start from the Pope all the way down to the bishop, but I also think it's been going on for years. That's my personal opinion. Hopefully, they'll clean it up. Unfortunately, if it came down to alter boys, that's sad that it happened."

The Attorney General said last week his office is "committed to protecting every victim of sexual abuse and will pursue the facts and the evidence wherever we find it."