The Netflix documentary on Erie's infamous pizza bomber case has kept people talking this weekend. One of the stars is speaking with Erie News Now after its debut.

Former FBI special agent and current Gannon University professor Jerry Clark was one of the main interviews in the program "Evil Genius," which debuted Friday.

He led the federal investigation following the 2003 bank heist and murder of pizza delivery man Brian Wells.

Clark said he found the docu-series entertaining and thought it portrayed the investigation positively.

Like many, he thought the shocking interview with Wells' former prostitute, where she claimed he was involved with the robbery, would leave viewers guessing.

"Because of the fact that you have a changing story, you have to really compare that to other evidence that you gain in the case and see where it factually fits," said Clark. "That's going to be up for an audience to decide how they view that."

Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong, the primary suspect in the case, died in 2017.