Erie attorney Ron DiNicola defeated two challengers to win the democratic nomination in the new 16th Congressional District.

DiNicola will now face incumbent republican Mike Kelly in the fall.

Surrounded by his three daughters and his wife Monica, DiNicola declared victory before a big crowd of supporters at Room 33 in downtown Erie.

While DiNicola had solid support garnering over 60% of the vote throughout the district, he took over 87% of the votes in Erie County.  He said that affirms his decision to run and proves the power of putting the county back together again under the new boundary lines. 

DiNicola said he is ready to face republican Mike Kelly in the fall, and give voters a choice.

“We know that he has put his business ahead of the people of Western Pennsylvania,”DiNicola told the crowd, “but he ought to be talking about his car business, because we're going to send him back there after November.”

DiNicola commented on the big boost Erie County voters gave the campaign.  “I'm grateful for all of the votes throughout the district, but I'm especially grateful to the voters of Erie County, because we're going to really need them in the fall to be successful,” he said.

DiNicola has been here before.  He won the democratic nomination for congress in western Pennsylvania 22-years ago in 1996, then lost a close race to the incumbent republican at the time, Phil English.